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Use PowerPoint Zoom feature to add flexibility to your presentations

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You don’t have to click through your presentation in a linear fashion. PowerPoint’s new Zoom feature lets you and your audience choose what comes next.


A traditional presentation starts with the first slide and ends with the last slide. In contrast, Zoom lets you take control of where you go next. You can add section and slide links to any slide or you can create a summary slide with several links. Zoom won’t improve your presentation, but it will enhance your delivery.

To add a Zoom, go to Insert > Zoom.

To summarize the entire presentation on one slide, choose Summary Zoom

To show selected slides only, choose Slide Zoom

To show a single section only, choose Section Zoom

Shows different types of Zooms that can be selected when you go to Insert > Zoom: Summary Zoom, Slide Zoom, and Section Zoom.


When you create a Zoom in PowerPoint, you can jump to and from specific slides, sections, and portions of your presentation in an order you decide while you’re presenting.

Zoom for PowerPoint is only available on Windows—in Office 365 and PowerPoint 2019.

Summary Zoom

A Summary Zoom is like a landing page where you can see the pieces of your presentation all at once. When you’re presenting, you can use the Zoom to go from one place in your presentation to another in any order you like. You can get creative, skip ahead, or revisit pieces of your slide show without interrupting the flow of your presentation.

Summary Zoom is now supported for Office 365 subscribers in PowerPoint for Office 365 for Mac beginning with version 16.19.18110915.

Slide Zoom

A Slide Zoom can help you make your presentation more dynamic, allowing you to navigate freely between slides in any order you choose without interrupting the flow of your presentation. They’re a good option for shorter presentations without lots of sections, but you can use Slide Zooms for lots of different presentation scenarios.

Slide Zooms help you drill down into multiple pieces of information while feeling as though you’re staying on the same canvas.

Section Zoom

A Section Zoom is a link to a section already in your presentation. You can use them to go back to sections you want to really emphasize, or to highlight how certain pieces of your presentation connect. To learn more about using sections in PowerPoint, see Organize your PowerPoint slides into sections.