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PowerPoint Translator

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PowerPoint Translator subtitles your live presentation straight from PowerPoint, and lets your audience join from their own devices using the Translator app or browser.

As you speak, Presentation Translator displays subtitles directly on your PowerPoint presentation in any one of more than 60 supported text languages. This feature can also be used for audiences who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Up to 100 audience members in the room can follow along with the presentation in their own language by downloading the Translator app or joining directly from their browser.

Key features

Presentation Translator for PowerPoint showing live subtitles

Live subtitling

Speak in any of the 11 supported speech languages and subtitle into any one of the 60+ text translation languages.

a phone scanning a QR code

Interactive audience experience

Share a QR- or five letter conversation code and your audience can follow along with your presentation, on their own device, in their chosen language.

asian women speaking into her phone using the Translator live feature

Multi-language Q&A

Unmute the audience to allow questions from the audience on their device in any of the supported languages.

student behind a laptop, looking up at the front of the classroom

Inclusivity through Accessibility

Help audience members who are deaf or hard of hearing follow the presentation, and participate in the discussion.

image of icons illustrating food, directions, transportation, and time

Customized speech recognition

Customize the speech recognition engine using the vocabulary within your slides and slide notes to adapt to jargon, technical terms, and product or place names. Customization is currently available for English, Chinese, and Spanish.

screen grab of

Translated presentations with preserved formatting

The “Translate Slides” button allows presenters to translate their whole presentation while preserving its formatting.